5 Best Golf Turfs Around The World

By Meg Ray

Golf requires an excellent land covered with fine grass but in varieties. There is a presence of three different type of grasses, one being the uneven followed by the closely mown area between a tee and a green and the setting green. The fairway grass is equal and smooth for the players to hit the ball efficiently into the hole.

The grass along the uneven area is lengthy which slows down the efficiency of the ball.  But the grass on the setting area is the smoothest among them and the ball without any hesitance falls into the hole. There is a business behind the growth and promotion of the turfs.

Starpro Turf is said to be the best quality turf in the world of golfing business. The land contains RYE of extreme thickness and low-price also known as the Rye landscape turf, and along with it has a smooth fiber threads which look like diamonds when they are exposed to the sunlight. The consequences for most golf players of this turf are the best among all the other turfs.

5 Best Golf Turfs Around The World
Photo Credits: amazon

There are five types of Starpro landscape artificial turf around the whole world.

Starpro Turf Ryegrass

The best is the Starpro Turf Ryegrass which has amazing thickness and looks good externally, too. They are known for a good density and have interwoven polypropylene filaments for keeping the turf upright and erect. Though, it does not really look like natural grass but the performance is superlative for the game.

Starpro Centipede Southwest

The second one being the Starpro Centipede Southwest the best pet turf and is said to contain two shades of color on the lighter side. FOr adding more strength and increasing the lifespan of the turf, it consists of a black polypropylene coating, keeping it safe from weeds. This one looks a lot more natural than the other and its blades are 1 and half inches long. The turf is also UV stabilized for keeping it as is for a very long time.

5 Best Golf Turfs Around The World
Photo Credits: starprogreens

Starpro Turf Fescue grass

The third one is Starpro Turf Fescue grass which has the maximum green appearance and is situated in the middle of the course. This one too has the polypropylene coating for safety from weeds and strength.

Turf Centipede Ultra grass

The fourth on the list is Starpro Turf Centipede Ultra grass and is said to be in two shades of color and contains dark roofing element. It is situated at the end of the course.

Starpro St. Augustine Ultra

The last but not the least includes the Starpro St. Augustine Ultra which also exists in two shades of color and along with it also contains the dark thatch element. Also it is situated at the end of the course.

The above golf courses are the best among all of the others. Starpro golf course because of its quality proved to be the best. It contains the best quality turfs around the world. So hurry up and visit them.

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Meg Ray is a sports blogger and owns a golfing blog. She also writes about the right kind of artificial turf that can work best for golfing purposes. Other than blogging, she loves videography and candid photography too.

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