Andres Iniesta -- Best football (soccer) player at this moment in time

by B Phillip

Who is the Best football (soccer) player at this moment in time? Tricky question with many great names currently gracing the hallow turfs to ply their trade. Obviously Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo will be mentioned as they have both been sold for £56million and £80million respectively. Extroirdinary amounts of money for a football player, but arguably the best or not?

Though other names such as Messi, Ribery, Rooney, Gerrard are always mentioned. In my opinion i believe at this current moment Andres Iniesta is the best player on the planet at the moment. People may start saying i could be biased, but i am far from that as i am a Manchester United Fan.

Iniesta tore United apart in the Champions League final, and did pretty much the same to Chelsea in the semi final, although Barca were lucky to win that game! Iniesta is a small guy and many would say doesnt get the praise he deserves, but he is the heartbeat of that Barcelona midfield. Also playing a key and vital role in his countries dominance of recent football tournaments. Iniesta keeps himself out of the limelight and concentrates on what is most important...his football.

He doesnt attract attention from the press and just gets on with the job. In my opinion this is a great way to go about the game and a way not to lose focus. Iniesta has been at Barca all his carry from a young boy and looks as though he will stay there for the rest of his career.

He may not score the goals but he comes up with important plays and controls the ball with sublime touches and creates and motivates his team. This for me is why Iniesta is ahead of Messi, Ronaldo and co and is the best soccer player in the world at this moment in time.

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