Augie Garrido is the Top NCAA Baseball Coach

by Scott Pickford

Augie Garrido is the best college baseball coach of all time. There is no other baseball coach at that level that is more accomplished at one school, and he has done it at three.

He has won five total championships, two with Texas and three with Cal State Fullerton, and he is currently in good position to win his sixth.

He inspires his players in a way that no other player can and he is one of the few college coaches that major league players say could coach pro-ball. He coaches a Texas team that is always leading the league in fielding percentage and his players are always fundamentally sound. He has compiled a resume that is far superior to everyone else in his sport.

While others may say the younger coaches are taking over, like Brian Connor at Virginia, Augie Garrido is a mainstay at Texas and the best college coach in the country. Take this year for example.

He is coaching a team that has very little offensive production in a conference like the Big 12. He plays small ball, makes great coaching decisions and flat-out teaches his kids how to pitch and play baseball. They are now playing LSU for the national championship and Coach Garrido is just putting himself head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. The amount of respect he has compiled from baseball players and coaches at every level of the game is just unheard of.

Augie is cementing himself among the greats and definitely deserves a place in the college baseball hall of fame. Hopefully one day, he will get the kind of recognition he deserves on a national level with the media and fans, and people will truly see how great a coach and person that Augie Garrido is and what he means to the state of Texas and college baseball.

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