Best All Time Soccer Player Is Ronaldo

by Ric

Sorry, have to disagree.

When you think of the best soccer (yes it's called football everywhere except the United States) player ever to play, you think Ronaldo. He is simply the best footballer to ever play the game. I am not talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, I'm talking about the real Ronaldo; Brazilian Ronaldo -- Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima.

Throughout most of his career, until his injury, he averaged about one goal per game. This is something no other player has come close to matching. He scored 34 goals in 37 appearances playing for Barcelona in the 1996 - 1997 season. These stats along with the amount of determination and pure skill held by the player makes him by far the best player ever to grace the world of soccer.

On the field Ronaldo took control of the game and willed his team to victory. If his teammates could get the ball to his feet he could dribble and beat the whole other team by himself. Not to mention he is considered the best finisher ever. Whenever he had the goalie one on one he could not be stopped. With the mixture of step-overs and other amazing foot work skills the goalie never knew where the ball was going.

When goalies saw Ronaldo on the field they were terrified because they just knew he was going to score. He was simply breathtaking and could not be stopped without six defenders on him. He terrorized the field and made every team he played have to play defense. His name may have been Ronaldo, but he was simply known as "Legend". The top soccer player the world has ever known.

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