Big East Most Improved College Football Conference

by Jeff Williams
(Syracuse, NY)

The Big East is the college football conference most improved in recent years.

We all know that the Big Ten has seen better days and is simply not as competitive as they used to be. For goodness sakes, Michigan got beat by a Mac team in Toledo this year and they have suffered even more embarrassing losses.

Ohio State is the most over rated team in college.

The Big East is not just a basketball conference any more and they have proven so in the past couple years. Teams like Louisville, West Virginia, and even The University of South Florida have seen an improvement and have been competitive at a national level.

The USF Bulls would of probably made it to a BCS bowl every year, but they seem to suffer from injuries and the second half of their season, they are playing with half a roster. They continue to beat ranked teams at the beginning of each season, and then their players get hurt, and they lose to sub-par teams late in the season.

Look for next year – 2009 -- to be the year of the Big East and not one of the SEC. Yes the Gators will probably make a run at the national championship, but as far as the number of BCS bowls played in, the Big East will be dominant.

The SEC is just lucky that they do not play as many Big East teams as other conferences do because they would of been in trouble last year, and they would be in even more trouble this year.

If you look at the rosters, most Big East teams have a more generous portion of their starters coming back and they are full of squads to be reckoned with. I feel bad for the Big Ten, because they are not going to even be considered as a top 3 when it comes to conference toughness. The Big East is going to take their spot. Look out! Big East Football is Coming!!

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