Bobby Knight Was the Top All-Time College B-ball Coach

by Kenny Mills
(Ind. Indiana)

Bob Knight was the top coach ever. I think during Bobby Knights time at IU, the Indiana University was the best in the big ten conference and maybe in the nation.

Granted he was a hard coach on his players and possibly one of the rudest coaches of all time. But he created big ten basketball and the style of play that is still used today. I especially loved when Purdue and Indiana met up twice a year. Bob Knight Versus Gene Keady was probably the most epic games I can remember as a child.

Both have instilled their style of hard nosed defense and toughness in the big ten play. I remember the times when he threw chairs on the court or when he harassed his players. The most hilarious of all Bob Knight moments were his talk radio show where he would flush the toilet during interviews. Granted Bob Knight was rough around the edges but that’s the only time that the Indiana basketball team was dominant. In my opinion they should have never fired him. With the coaches they pick up today with all the problems they are having, I am sure they are regretting the decision to let him go years ago. He knows how to play the game of basketball and he knows how to teach his students/players the fundamentals in playing GOOD basketball.

If I were any school looking to hire I would be looking for Bob Knight as my man. Sadly I believe to this day he is a commentator for some basketball television channel which saddens me. I enjoy listening to him commentate; he is just one of those guys that will say it the way it is with not worrying about what others might think.

I find Bob Knight to be very hilarious and again I was saddened when he was removed from coaching the IU team. He made the big ten the way it is, strong basketball that produces quality teams each year. So I hope once again for the 09/10 season that the big ten can send another team to the finals in the big dance.

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