Bobby Orr Was Best Hockey Player of All-Time

by Dant Dano
(River Vale, NJ)

Comparing two players from different era's is a difficult task. A player from the 60's thru the late 70's and a player from the 80's thru the late 90's. NHL Hockey was a different sport in the 60's thru late 70's. Players didn't wear helmets and very few Goalie's wore mask's. As time marched on things changed to protect the player(s).

However, given the fact that the Hockey God's ie: Howe, Beliveu, Hull, Sawchuck, and Parent just to name a few, played during those years and are still considered the best, comparing them to the latest players is very, very difficult.

Today's players are bigger, faster, and the game has changed. Gretzky plays offensive, he's a forward with excellent skills stick handling, passing, and firing the puck on net. Orr was a defensive player with the skills of any high end offensive forward.

That said, and only my opinion: Orr is still the best player ever to lace up the skates. Orr redefined the game as we know it today. He coined the term...... "Coast to Coast". We won't see another player like Orr ever again.

Coffey, Chelio's, Borque, and all the others that have or will break Orr's records still cannot be compared to one of the Greatest Defensive players of all time.

Number 4 .... enough said. 99 a very, very close second.

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