Celebrate Olympic History Gifts

by Sarah Wells
(Watertown, NY)

Hi just wanted to share with you some more gifts related to the Olympics theme that I came across. The best Olympic gifts are for people who really love and understand the spirit of the Olympic games. It is considered to be the premier event in the world of sports and there is a method to the madness associated with an Olympic medal. Even highly paid professional sports stars often consider an Olympic medal for their home country to be more valuable than any other achievement they might have had in any other arena. Here are the best Olympic gifts that I liked very much.

This is a 22 X 33 poster of Jim Craig from the 1980 Olympics. A once in a lifetime moment for a big star. This is one poster worth gifting as an Olympic gift.

Here is another poster that talks volumes of sports as a great leveler. The poster depicts the win of a black athlete, sending the message strong and hard that sports is above any race, color or discrimination based on that. The 24 X 36 size poster will be a great addition to a sports buff’s room. Have a look at it at

This Olympic spirit collection

is a treasure trove of the best Olympic memories traversing from 1896 Athens Olympics through to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Just imagine what would be the recipient’s reaction to have a 100 years worth of history right in his hands.

Figurines depicting some special Olympic moments can be great gifts as well. For example this would be a good gift for somebody who loves Olympic track and field events.

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