Celtics - Lakers Is Basketball

by Mo Johnson
(Dumfries, VA)

Nice article Paul. For me, the great Celtics - Lakers rivalry is what basketball is all about. Looking back now I see how lucky I was to grow up in the '80's and get to see and be part of really, the amazing Celtics - Lakers NBA Championship Series.

Bird vs Magic, Kareem vs Parish, McHale vs Worthy, Pat Riley vs KC Jones, etc. And, the games and series' were always close. In retrospect, I see how amazing it was and likely will never be repeated.

Too bad for the younger generation. I guess they have the Disney Channel, YouTube and Facebook. Personally, I wouldn't trade what I had.

The Celtics - Lakers rivalry really was (and continues to be at a lesser scale) special.

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Jun 28, 2010
Celtics Still Better
by: cavs man

Because the celtics were all injured is the only reason the laker fakers won

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