Cliff Swain couldn't take a game from Kane Waselenchuk

by Ricardo Paez
(Sarasota, Fl, USA)

Kane Waselnchuk

Kane Waselnchuk

Kane Waselnchuk

Kane Waselenchuk is a dream racquetball player, he is the combination of the greatest players of all time into one, and then some.

Bud Muehleisen was known for winning, Kane Waselenchuk is known for being unbeaten and uncontested, to just mention that he is the only player to go a season undefeated.

Not only that, but he lost only 3 games in a period of 2 years, without dropping a single match. He has the most US Open titles ever and he is just reaching his prime.

Marty Hogan was known for his power, Kane Waselenchuk has the greatest controlled power game that has ever been seen, he has the ability to rocket the ball at 185mph and flat roll it from 39 ft, as well as being able to dink it from 39 ft and roll it with the same consistency.

Sudsy Monchik was known for his controlled and powerful backhand, Kane Waselenchuk has the same power and the same control when he shoots the ball between his legs, so there's not even a fair comparison with their backhands,

Sudsy brought the splat, Kane mastered it better than Sudsy and brought the reverse Z, Sudsys Backhand was better than his forehand yet his forehand was strong, Kanes forehand is as perfect if not better than his backhand, although is tough to out due rolling the ball out every shoot.

Cliff Swain was know for his lethal serve, but when the rule was changed to 1 serve only, he was slowed down alot. Kane Waselenchuck is the reason why the rule change back to 2 serves, he absolutly dominated with one serve, with his laser been drive serves, and his pin point perfect lobs, that no one could even get a racquet on his server, and when the other pros had the change to serve, he has the greatest return serve game ever, it didnt matter if it was a 180mph drive serve or a perfect lob nick, he can pick it up and roll it from any angle to any part of the front wall,

so the IRT (International Racquetball Tour) decided to change the rule back, that way the rest of the pros could maybe get lucky and hit a crack, and bee able to go for broke in the first serve to have a chance to even score some points on the Gratest Racquetball Player of All Time KANE WASELNCHUK.

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Oct 25, 2010
Kane is King of R-ball
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks Ricardo, you make a great case for Kane. Super post.

Feb 10, 2011
racquetball supreme
by: paul orszulak

Ricardo Paez will be better that Kane and you can take that to the bank! You only have to wait 3 years time!


Apr 06, 2013
Over exaggerated!!!
by: Anonymous

Your comments on Kane Waselenchuck are way exaggerated. No doubts, his skills level are the highest in the game so far, however, you minimized former racquetball champions with immense athletic portfolio in the game. For examle;
Subsy Munchick's devastating back hand is probably more powerful than Kane, and his forehand is by far faster, and harder.
What about Cliff Swain, you debase such a great player to make room for your "Affections" for Kane.
That's an incorrect assessment of an athletic portfolio.

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