College Football Presents

by Greg Bickerstaff
(Hattiesburg, Miss. )

Wow, what a great site on College sports!

Hi, my name is Greg and I am a big time college football fan (love university of Mississippi). I found the gift I have been looking for some time now through your site. I loved the pro-grip football hammer and treated myself to one through your site (obviously got one with the UoM logo). Neither I knew about this website until about a few days back nor did I know that I would find my dream tool this way. Let me tell you I am a pretty handy guy and I love diy stuff. So it is just that I am a natural fit for the hammer. There are some other cool products I came across while on the Amazon website that I intend to by for myself or my friends at some point of time down the line. One of the better ones that impressed me was this chic looking money clip featuring team logos. You can find one here at

When I buy though, I would love to go for one with the university of Mississippi logo.
I have always loved mouth blown glass products as they have a story of their own to tell. Here is one such product of blown glass that literally blew me away. An authentic NCAA licensed replica of the Boston Eagle’s football helmet, this gift item at

will impress quite a few if not all. You know what, in my opinion this product is good enough to get into your list of suggested gift items. May be you will do that after my recommendation
Other great college football gifts are things that are used often in school. Like this memo pad holder:

and the aesthetically designed team logo featuring NCAA Cube notepad at

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