David Beckham -- Top Soccer Player in the World

by Cyndi Rodriguez
(LA, California)

You just need to say the name Beckham and you know we are talking about the best all time soccer player. David Beckham, real name David Robert Joseph Beckham, was the world’s highest paid soccer player in 2004 and was Google’s most searched for sports figure in both 2003 and 2004. Not only one of the best players, Beckham is one of the most popular and highly recognizable soccer players of all time.

David Beckham made his sports debut at age 17, in 1992 with the team Manchester United and took the team to six victories in the Premier league. In 2003 he signed with Real Madrid where he played for four seasons before signing a 5 year contract with Los Angeles Galaxy in January 2007. The handsome player signed commercial contracts with Coca Cola and IBM, appeared on the cover of countless magazines and was approached to launch his fragrance line – Instinct for $13.7 in 2007.

David Beckham practiced with discipline to achieve an accuracy that other players would never care about. His drive allowed him to be the first player from England to collect two red cards and with his most being during the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

David Beckham is not just the best all time soccer player, he is a multi talented celebrity. He married Spice Girl Victoria Beckham better known as Posh Spice – and the two have been spokes models for everything from health to fashion. The famous soccer player has made cameos in two movies – Bend it Like Beckham and The Goal Trilogy. This male superstar has a career that has taken him and his wife to Beverly Hills California, where they reside with their three boys.

Beckham proves that sports can bring celebrity status. A young soccer player turned multi millionaire and living the dream, David Beckham makes it look easy. He may be the best all time soccer player in the world, but he is also a great dad and husband. The paparazzi still loves David Beckham and boys everywhere starting their soccer careers emulate Beckham with their kicks. There are more great things in store for David Beckham.

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