Diego Armando Maradona -- Best Football (soccer) Player

by Ric Sanchez
(Sao Paulo, Argentina)

My all-time best football player in the world is of course the great legendary football/soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. He is a former Argentina football player and is currently the coach of the Argentina national side.

Maradona had played well and has captained and lead the team to attain victory in the world cup. He has also attained the international title of best player. His playing skills and tactics are admired by a lot of people and he turned out to be a legend in the football game. He has got huge fan followers and his name has stood as a legend in the game of football and even now the player is compared for his tremendous goals and shots.

While he was playing football he was recognized and adored by a lot of football fans and he impressed them with his great shots and goals and was able to lead his team to win consequently. He has been an icon to many football players and even now people admire his shots and are very impressed with his playing styles.

The name and the recognition that he is getting is passing on to generations and would definitely pass on to future generations. He is considered to be the best football player in the world. He was into certain controversy which had affected his football career drastically but still people consider and admire him for the way he had played football.

There are very few players like Maradona who can play well consistently. He was able to lead his country to the world cup and it was a marked victory for the country. He had won two world cup matches and had taken goals in both the matches. He is considered to be the best player of all time. Whenever football and football players are talked about his name is never forgotten and always mentioned and listed among the best players.

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