Enough IS More Than Enough!

by Tex Noel
(Executive Director, Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association)

With all the talk of expansion in Bowl Subdivision football is more to make the game’s "fathers" Walter Camp, Parke H. Davis and others, turn over in their respective graves.

All this talk about the expansion the current set-up is enough to make me want to find the waste paper basket—fast; thankful mines is to my left as I type this.

Teams are meeting in secret and the media is having a hay-day of writing stories to see what teams are leaving “Conference A’’ and hook-up with “Conference B” today…but then, faster than a hit of the Send command” a set of teams are saying forget “B” we want to play for “Conference C!”

These are being played-out in the media and college football fans are caught in the middle of it.

It’s not for the interest of the fan; but like the little kid that has a new toy—he has to show it off and brag: see what I have.

The economy is not in its greatest shape and sports players, teams and franchises are all acting like the money they are spending is play money; and with a roll of the dice, can advance and purchase more investment—while taking the ‘other guy’ property.

It’s all about greed and the bottom-line, money!

The rich get richer; who cares if it squeezes out the little guy as long as we get on TV and rank-in more money, says a conference Big Wig.

With the cost of flying to a game; staying 1-2 nights at top-name spot oh less not forget players and all have to be fed!

Major College conferences are beginning to be like pro sports—high priced, over-priced babies. All the while, shouting give us what we want; or we will “play” somewhere else.

Yall deal with it…just because your opponents have to have a bigger playground and better toys; does it mean yall do also?

In addition to all the conference hop-scotch, and the continual denial of a playoff of major college teams; another issue at hand is permitting a 6-6 team to go bowling.

Life is made-up of winners and losers and not every team was made for post-season.

In addition to the 6-6 team being rewarded by a bowl appearance, conferences have to make designations what team goes where.

Enough people!

If it were all up to me, and it isn’t, I would have conference champions and runners-up tied into a certain bowl game; but the remaining teams—with at least 7 wins—throw them all into the proverbial hat and draw them out 1-by-1.

I have no problem with a major college team playing teams in divisional football in order to acquire 7 wins.

Eliminate everybody has to play theory. We all can’t be Champions; but we can be winners by the way we conduct ourselves on the field and with our attitude towards the opposition and even ourselves.

I for one can never get enough college football or its stats; but really people—wake-up and realize in the name of money yall are putting a slow death to the game I dearly love.

Prior to the legalization of the forward pass, in 1906, the game was getting way out of hand with violence, injuries and even death.

In a different manner the game is getting out of hand, in 2010.

Something has to be done—from within; not from politicians—but those who are directly responsible for college football’s daily operations: the AD; conference commissioners; and to an extent, the media and sponsors.

TV networks always want to play schedule shuffle, getting teams to change dates for a better match-up or time slot—all for better ratings; no for more money!

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Jun 04, 2010
The Money is too big
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks Tex, and yup, you are dead on. The money in college football is too big and because it's so big it has distorted the game. Decisions are now made based primarily on money -- rather than based on what's best for the game, the kids who play, the fans, etc.

I just wonder what we FANS can do about it?

Ideas anyone? And, don't say boycott the game, that ain't gonna happen...

I posted a similar comment at SEC Sports Fan, see

No Taxpayer Subsidies for Professional Sports Owners.

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