Giants vs Patriots: Best Super Bowl Ever

Yea, Giants - Bills was a good one, but I think the Giants - Patriots Super Bowl was the best ever. Of course the Super Bowl is an American tradition that goes back dozens of years -- but the greatest Super Bowl game of all time was played just a few seasons ago, when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Heading into this game, the Patriots were 18-0, and looked to have a very good chance of pulling off the first undefeated season in over thirty years. Meanwhile, the Giants were a mere 14-5, and had slipped into the playoffs with a wild card berth.

In a gritty and closely contested affair, the Patriots found themselves with a 14-10 lead late in the fourth quarter before the real drama got started. The Giants started with the ball on their own 17 after an insignificant kickoff return, and a few plays later faced a game-deciding 3rd-and-5 situation on their own 44. Eli Manning scrambled for what seemed like minutes, and found David Tyree for what some argue is the greatest catch in playoff history. A minute later (and after another crucial 3rd down conversion to Steve Smith), Manning found wide receiver Plaxico Burress in the end zone to give the Giants a 17-14 lead with 35 seconds to go. This would prove to be the final score, as the Giants pulled off the massive upset, and prevented the Patriots from going undefeated.

It will certainly be tough for any game to top this one, as it featured an underdog story, a team going for perfection, and fantastic football. However, if such things can be predicted, this season may offer up a number of different scenarios that have potential to produce another great game.

This NFL season has been full of more surprises than usual, which is one reason that it would seem as if we are headed for a dramatic and high quality playoff season. The Packers, at 7-0 and looking like a machine, are the team to beat, and could very conceivably enter the playoffs with an undefeated record, much like the Patriots in 2008. Meanwhile, a slew of teams, from the Patriots to the Saints, as well as the Ravens, Steelers, Lions, and a few others, all look perfectly capable of taking down the Packers on the right day or night. Due to the parody in the league this year, it isn't even a sure thing that all of these teams make the playoffs -- however, whichever teams do get in will be poised to offer up some dramatic competition worth keeping an eye on.

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