Highlights of Super Bowl 2013

by Marion Brookes

The 2013 Super Bowl proved to be a typically exciting contest for American football enthusiasts – culminating in a victory for the Baltimore Ravens over the San Francisco 49ers. The final score of 34-31 to the Ravens shows how exciting the game was, as the 49ers pegged their opponents back after getting off to an absolutely horrendous start, but their fight back proved to be in vain.

Now that the Super Bowl is over for another year, fans of the game and betting on it will once more be looking for alternative ways of indulging these passions – like the NFL slots at online casino sites that you can try on www.jackpotcity.co.uk/online-slots/. Before this though, there is still time to look back at some of the highlights.

Certainly one incident in the game that will count as a real highlight for Ravens fans, and neutrals, was the spectacular 56-yard catch and touchdown by Jacoby Jones, during the period in the match when the Ravens were dominant. It was the only reception that Jones managed during the match, but the eye-catching nature of it, combined with the fact that it gave the Ravens a 21-3 advantage, makes it one of the big highlights of the game. However it wasn’t the only high point for the Ravens – or Jones – in the game, as the 108-yard Kick Return touchdown the same player scored matched the NFL record. It was the second time in the season that Jones had produced a touchdown from a 108-yard Kick Return this season, and put the Ravens 28-6 in front.

Of course there were high points from the 49ers as they battled back, but the Ravens stole the glory. Now, with the contest over fans will need to turn their attentions to online casino slot games like $5 Million Touchdown, for a fix of NFL and gambling. Games like this slot, which features American football symbols like footballs, cheerleaders, kicks and throws, and a bonus game that requires the gamer to pass the ball from one player to another to try and score a touchdown, might not be quite as exciting as the actual Super Bowl, but still makes a great alternative option.

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