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College Football's Bowl Season is here! This year, in the BCS Championship Game, we have the SEC's LSU vs Alabama. That's right, for the first time ever, both teams in that game are from the same conference. Also, for the first time in the BCS era, it's a rematch of an earlier regular season game. Of course, LSU won that one; we'll see what happens this time.

Coach Scooter has done a great job this year covering SEC football and you can read his comprehensive SEC bowl preview at

2011 - 2012 SEC Bowl Previews

You'll find links there to individual bowl previews like LSU vs Alabama. And, for non-SEC bowl previews, check out our sister sites The Best Sports Blog and The Best Football Blog.

Here's our complete Bowl Game Schedule

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Of course you can buy tickets to any of the games at Bowl Tickets.

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