Jackie Robinson Greatest Baseball Player Ever

by Bo Williams
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

I think that Jackie Robinson was the greatest baseball player of all time. First look at the numbers...in only 9 years of playing in the Major Leagues he compiled a batting average of over .300, over 1500 hits, 137 home runs, and 197 stolen bases.

If you extrapolate that out into what would today be considered a "full" career (let's say 18 years, double his career for ease of calculation), you would have over 3000 hits, close to 300 home runs, and 400 stolen bases.

Now consider the immense pressure he must have faced on a day-to-day basis...to me, that shows that not only was he extremely talented physically, but he had the mental game to go along with his physical attributes.

Finally, you need to consider the cultural significance of his accomplishments. What Jackie Robinson did throughout his career not only was significant in the baseball world but he had major, positive effects on our culture.

If Jackie Robinson wasn't the greatest player ever, he certainly was the most significant player in the history of baseball.

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