Kane Waselenchuk is above and beyond all others mentioned.

I grew up playing racquetball in the era of Brumfield and Hogan, and have had the good fortune to play against both of them.

Brumfield (nicknamed "The Master of Distraction") was the most formidable control player the game has ever seen. His placement, speed control, angle control - was downright deceptive, and his accuracy was monumental.

Hogan's power game and athleticism was intense and unwavering, and Hogan (eventually) superseded Brumfield, though Brumfield always gave him tough games.

Racquetball enthusiasts all have their "favorites" and one can effectively argue about the greatness of Cliff Swain, Sudsy Monchik, Mike Yellen and others, but...

Kane Waselenchuk is in a league of his own.

Waselenchuk's win/loss record is earth-shattering. The other top ten professional players are lucky if they can score *a few points* on him.

Kane's ability to accurately shoot from every square inch of the court, and at any pace - powerful killshots to feather-light touch shots - is unmatched in the history of the sport. He annihilates anyone who steps on the court against him.

Knowing how accomplished the current top ten professionals actually are, Kane's racquetball prowess is really sort of unfathomable. He simply has no real competition, not even from the #2 ranked player on today's tour.

Waselenchuk is beyond dominant. His skill-set is second-to-none, not even when compared to the greatest players of yesteryear (Monchik, Swain, Yellen, Hogan, Brumfield).

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