Larry Bird was the Greatest of All Time

by Jeff G.
(Chatt., Tn)

Why do people have to apologize for saying Larry Bird was one of the best basketball players to ever play the game?

Why are people so scared about being pinned as racist for saying so? For me, my thoughts are not about where he came from, what team he played for, what he did off the court, or what color he was. He simply took the game and everyone who played with him and against him to another level. Nobody can do that now.

I know the title of his Biography: Larry Bird, but his biography lives in individual eyes that have witnessed him play ball, like no other. Everyone was scared to play against him. His own teammates looked up to him as a standard, in which to perform. M.J could not do that.

The Bulls where bull. Yes! Jordan won championships, but the team never worked as a unit. Team player separates Bird from Bryant. Leader separates him from Nowitzki. Sacrifice separates him from Ostertag and Pippen.

Number 33 was the Devil's number for all teams and players in the 80's. He showed an all-around game no one has ever had. his rebounding, scoring, and passing were some of the best ever seen. He was slow, but he could lead a fast break. He couldn't jump, but he could get big rebounds. He had one of the greatest wills to win of all-time. He was a great clutch performer that never backed down. He was one of only three players to win three straight MVP's. Jordan and bryant never did that.

I just think if people really looked at the stats they would see that Larry Bird is the greatest of all-time.

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Mar 10, 2011
Completely Agree
by: Giovani

Race aside, Bird was the greatest! Bird is the perfect example of reverse discrimination in sports. Had he been black, he would be considered greater than Jordan. I say Jordan because Magic never reached Larry's best level.

Feb 14, 2016
The greatest
by: Eric malilay

I couldn't agree more. You said everything there is to say about Larry bird. statistics tells it all. I witnessed this man tie highly athletic people to almost nothing. Jordan could not stop him and even pippen. Black people don't want to recognize him because he's white. He wasn't a one on one player like MJ that's why he's often overlooked. Because people determine greatness based on one ion one match up. Basketball is a 5 on 5 and that's what made Larry ibird great. His ability to make his teammates better and utizing his teamates to his maximum potential and made him great.

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