LeBron James Is or Will Be the Best All-Time NBA Player

by Mike Johnson
(Houston, Texas)

Sorry, to break up the Jordan party, but LeBron James is the most talented and gifted basketball player to have ever played the game.

While other names, such as Oscar Robertson or Michael Jordan, may come to mind when thinking of the true greats to play the game, LeBron has the athletic ability and the basketball prowess to surpass all others.

His unchallenged leadership skills, his ability to make his teammates better, to single-handedly bring a team out of the bottom of the NBA, and his utter dominance of anyone on the court add up to LeBron being the greatest player of all time. Coming fresh out of high school and making an instant impact on the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron followed the same route as Kobe. Though Kobe was younger when he entered the league, LeBron and Kobe are both fearless leaders on the court who have given their teams an answer when no one else would step up to the plate. LeBron is still a young leader, but a leader nonetheless.

What needs to be focused upon is his physical dominance, superior shooting and dribbling abilities, and the ease with which being the floor general comes to him. Being an intimidating player even to 7 foot centers, LeBron has the physical upper hand on Jordan and Kobe, while also having the ball handling ability and speed to outperform the likes of Kareem and Hakeem. And now for the main argument against LeBron; his lack of accolades. He has not won an NBA title yet during his NBA career, and has only won the MVP award once. Meanwhile, Kobe has now won four NBA titles, was awarded the MVP the year before LeBron was recognized, and clearly jumped over a car in his “Hollywood” commercial.

For those who think Kobe is the better player because of those trophies and recognition are dead wrong. Take a look at the supporting cast of Kobe’s success, Shaquille O’Neal took MVP of the NBA Finals all three years that Kobe and Shaquille won their championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. This most recent NBA Finals title was due to having plenty of talent surrounding Kobe.

LeBron, being the beast that he is, just needs a little more talent for his true abilities to shine through and for the titles to come pouring into Cleveland.

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