Manning Greatest Football Player Since Otto Graham

by ColtsFan
(Indy, IN)

We all know about Peyton Manning's Super Bowl title, four MVP awards etc. But, look what's happening on the field in 2011. The Indianapolis Colts were a playoff team in 2010 -- with Peyton Manning. This year, without him, they are 0-5 so far. And have looked bad offensively with many mistakes. That says it all about how valuable he is.

What we Colts fans are seeing so clearly is that Manning has so much more than great QB skills. He also is such a great leader. He knows what every player on the field should be doing on every play -- every player on both sides of the ball. So, he lets his teammates know right away when they are going astray.

Having Peyton on the field gives confidence to his teammates because they know they have a leader who knows what he's doing. He's like having a coach in the huddle. Manning is like a great field general in the Army.

In fact, there's been no one who mastered the game of football like Peyton Manning since the great Otto Graham.

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