Meet Dick Butkus

by Joseph Ferraro Jr
(Champaign Illinois)

Can Mr. Butkus remeber when he stoped in Urbana Il. with two team mates they had dinner at a restaurant named The Italian Village pizza joint. My mother was his waitress and the three players were kinda loud, It was my mother asked them calmly to please sit down and behave themselves the other two did as she asked them.

But Mr.Butkus did not listen and my mother told him to sit down and be quiet. the other two players left mom with a big tip and they responded to her that is the first time anyone to tell him Dick to sit down and be quiet.

I've wondered thru the years if he can remember her at all think it was either 69 or 1970. I would love to meet him when he is coming to Dicks Sporting Goods book signing this month.

my e-mail is ferrarojr.joe473@ cell phone is -402-6017

Thanks hope to be able to meet him

Joe Ferraro Jr

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