Nah, SF Giants Fans are the Best

by SanFranFan
(SF, CA)

Cubs fans are great, but if you ask me, the best all time pro baseball fans are San Francisco Giants fans. While they might not be the best team, the San Francisco Giants really have the best all time pro baseball fans. The Giants’ fans are supportive of their fans no matter what their rankings are, unlike Yankees fair-weather fans who seems to support the team because they seem to be always winning.

Regardless of their few lackluster seasons, the Giants’ fans are always behind their favorite team, cheering and supporting them, generating a revenue of about $78 per fan, which is one of the biggest amount for a baseball team.

The Giants also get better television ratings than any other Major League team. The team is also very fan-friendly, with the two new luxury suites that were added to their stadium, the Legends Club, a 120 person party space and the McCovey Clove loft, a 40 seats patio space that creates the illusion that the fans are sitting on top of the grass.

Giants fans know that they need to back up their team no matter how they are doing; even if they don’t make it to the World Series. Most winning teams will gain more fans as they win more games, but those fans really are only fair-weather fans that are appealed by the fact that “their” team are winning, but will not hesitate to switch team if another one seems to have more success.

The San Francisco Giants fans really are the best all time pro baseball fans as they always believe in their team and support them no matter what happens. They are great supporters and the fact that the Giants are a very fan-oriented franchise only helps to make them even more committed to support their favorite team, with events like the team’s 50th anniversary and the Forever Giants Day.

A fan is an individual that will support his team through bad and good times, who will not hesitate to back up his team and favorite players against bad reviews and comments. While most teams have their fans, the Giants’ have a consistent fan base that will not hesitate to spend money on merchandise, games, who will turn on their television of every game.

While they might not be the most successful team or franchise in the history of pro baseball, the San Francisco Giants really have the best all time pro baseball fans. Of course I'm probably biased since I live in SF and have been a huge Giants fan my whole life. So, naturally, I've gotta stick up for em here.

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