NFL Gift Boxes

by Michelle Betts
(Dallas, Texas)

Hi Mo,

You got a lovely website here. I was so happy to see this list of NFL gift ideas. Cheap unique gift ideas do require some soul searching and you have done a great job here by compiling this list which I am sure will save me a lot of time in the future. In fact I have myself given National Football League gift items on various occasions to my friends and family. I am a Dallas Cowboys supporter and I personally own one of those scoreboard desk clocks you have in your gifts list.

You know what? There is this cool idea I bumped on to while looking for some NFL gifts that has got me excited. Wrapping the gift with the team’s wrapping paper – or gift bag, or box. Surprisingly it is pretty easy to find. Look at these cool paper bags here at

I have used the one depicting a Dallas Cowboys logo:

in the past and have received very good feedback from the recipients. My friends who have received gifts were really happy about my thoughtfulness and I believe it’s a great way to surprise fellow NFL fans.

More often than not I use wrapping paper and matching labels as I very much enjoy the packaging process. But I am sure not everybody will love to do that. However that is not a major limitation as you will find ready-made bags and boxes with various NFL team logos.

Doing this really adds to the gift making even the wrapping paper part of the gift.


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