Peyton Manning: The Best All-Time Regular Season Quarterback

by Hannah Miller

The most notable position on the football field is quarterback, so naturally the most heated "best ever" debate involves these signal callers. There have been some outstanding quarterbacks in the past, but as far as the regular season goes, no one can really matchup with Peyton Manning and his outstanding fantasy football numbers.

For starters, one thing that sets Manning apart from the likes of Dan Marino, John Elway, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Tom Brady and more is the fact that he calls most of his own plays. In this day and age, that is simply not heard of often. He is the guy making the decisions after reading the defense.

Of course, it takes more than just reading defenses and calling plays to be labeled the best ever. Anyone who plays fantasy football can attest to the fact that Manning has the numbers to stack up against anyone as well. It is his consistency that puts him in an elite class, but he also is the owner of the second-greatest quarterback fantasy football performance this century as well. In Week 1 of this season, he three for 462 yards and seven touchdowns against the defending Super Bowl champions. This all coming from a guy who people believe is past him prime.

Whether he is throwing passes in Indianapolis or Denver, Manning has been productive every single season of his career. Only a neck injury in 2011 that robbed him of the entire season has kept him out of a game. When a person drafts the future Hall of Famer, they know they will get consistent fantasy football value out of him every time he steps on the field. He might just have one Super Bowl ring, but he has helped millions take home their league titles thanks to his passing.

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