The Top 10 Greatest American Sports Moments Of All Time

by Jenny Corteza

Everyone has a favorite team and within the team, a favorite player. A sporting feat that travels beyond the narrow confines of the favoritism has the inherent all-encompassing quality. Everyone loves to cherish the moment of achievement by a favorite player and files it away for nostalgia. Here are some 10 such glorious moments for you to derive happiness from for years to come.

The Top 10 Greatest American Sports Moments Of All Time

1. Olympics Gold

Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? Where were you when Elvis died? And, where were you when something momentous happened in California? The U.S. Olympic hockey team, at the winter games in 1960, defeated the USSR watched by incredulous crowd overjoyed by the prospect of reaching the final. In the event, the victorious U.S. continued its winning streak by getting gold against Czechoslovakia. If you were not born at the time, watch it on the net.

2. Jason Lezak's miracle 4x100

Are miracles confined to the Bible and spiritualism? No, they happen in the world of sports too. There is no other way to describe what has been achieved by Jason Lezek in the 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay at the 2008 Olympics. In the process, he ended Michael Phelps' goal of getting hold of 8 gold medals.

3. Brandi's penalty kick

Sportspeople, like rock musicians, can reach pinnacle with one fell swoop. Andrew Gold with his "Lonely Boy" did it. A practically unknown Brandi Chastain was not accorded hype of any kind when she was chosen to be part of the 1999 U.S. women's world Cup team. The penalty kick she executed ensured her a place of honor in the U.S. sports history. Is it any wonder that the celebration included a bra?

The Top 10 Greatest American Sports Moments Of All Time

4. Mark McGwire's home run

Steroid had spoilt it all at the time. You never knew who the real hero was and who, the pretender. Baseball had its fair share of players who had presumed that they would not get caught. Something unbelievable happened on the field and you enjoyed the moment not to forget it in a hurry. Steroids were the last thing on your mind! This happened in 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa accomplished the 62nd home run

5. Doug Flutie's Television Feat

Can a television audience influence the progress of a game? It cannot perhaps but it can egg on the players to achieve the best possible moment in course of their play. This is what happened when the television broadcaster postponed the 1984 Miami-Boston College game which was to be held in September to the day after Thanksgiving to enable America to watch live the Bernie Kosar-Doug Flutie play. Watch what they did and remember the impossible pass by Flutie.

6. Jack Nicklaus at the 1986 Masters

Tiger Woods was not around in 1986, at least on the golf grounds in the way his presence is felt now. It does not mean that there were no defining moments before him on the green carpet. Jack Nicklaus was 46 when he etched his name in the annals of sports history with his one stroke victory.

7. Tiger Woods at 2005 Masters

Tiger Woods might have drawn flake in later days but it was sheer pleasure witnessing his dexterity with clubs on the greens. Everyone loved him then and for good reason. The chip that fell in the course of 2005 Masters was too out-of-this-world to believe and it is no wonder you think it happened only yesterday.

The Top 10 Greatest American Sports Moments Of All Time

8. Kerri Strug's vault

Doe injury matter to a genuine sportsperson? Not to Kerri Strug, anyway. The vault she performed at the 1996 Olympics gymnastics is still being talked about in gymnastic circles after a good 17 years!

9. Cal Ripken Jr.'s home run

When Cal Ripken Jr went past the Iron Horse's record of 2,130 consecutive games and hit homers while at it, even Chris Berman could not put a stop to his admiration and said, "He did it again".

10. Bryce Drew's buzzer beater

In 1998, whoever watched Bryce Drew's three pointer fell in love with his playing prowess. As a coach, he is still the same Bryce you saw that year.

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Jenny Corteza outlines some exclusive superbowl packages on her blog that has a strong sports following audience. By profession, she is a wordsmith and a reputation management executive. She consults as the repwall reputation manager too.

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