Top 10 Funniest Moments Of Sports

By Anna Bill

Sports have provided us with the some really hilarious moments which get inscribed in our memory with time. From the 1980 winter Olympics where the United States disappointed the Soviet Union in the Ice hockey tournament better known as "Miracle on Ice" to the team which is portrayed like a dream where the United States directed the best players of NBA to the Summer Olympics in 1992 at Barcelona, sports have also forced us to stick to our seats with a lot of anxiety and gift us with a lot of surprises.

Although the sports did give us some exciting moments but beyond that there are instances which made us laugh our heart out terming them the real "Funny Moments". So I am here to list some top 10 funny moments in sports.

1. Beginning with the first one, in a famous football game between Stanford and the University of California, Stanford was one point ahead and only four seconds were remaining when the students of Cal continued to play the game by reaching the goal post; the Stanford students thought the game was done and dusted and never attacked them. And so they scored a Goal. Ouch!

2. The second one is the rugby match between England and France when an unclothed man named Michael O' Brien in order to win a bet started moving around the field. It was a funny scene indeed.

3. In 1992, the dream team led by Charles Barkley drawn a lot of fans even from the opponent team's side.  When C. Barkley was asked about it, he replied, "I know Angola (opponent team) is in deep trouble".

4. Followed by the fourth one where we come across Happy and Bob Barker fighting with each. What is so funnier than this?

Photo Credits: dallasnews

5. Another one is about the great basketball player Shaquille O'Neal who is always targeted and given fouls. During the 2008 game when he was again fouled he laughed at the opponent and gave him a thumbs-up.

6. The great man Broadway Joe gave an interview with alcohol up to the brim and that took him to the Rehab, this is the sixth one.

7. Another one was Leon Lett's thanksgiving stumble where he stumbled and Miami recovered the ball. Pretty hilarious to have seen it.

8. The eight one, where Milton Bradley slits his ACL during an heated argument about the safe-out call at first base.

9. The ninth one is quite interesting where Peyton does a parody and managing on SNL. He sure contributed something to the community.

10. The last but not the least is Tampa Bay's team which never won a single match and when asked about it, the coach John Mckay stated, "We will be neutral from now onwards".

These ten moments are said to be the funniest in the history of sports. Although there are other moments like Andrew Golata's dirty tactics and Frank Layden's concern about the game but nothing beats these ten memorable moments of sports. Sure by reading this you had a smile on your face.

Written By:

Anna Bill is a golfing enthusiast and loves to blog about the technicalities of the game. He also does synthetic turf reviews for her readers to choose the best for them. Other than golfing she loves to cook and is addicted to pinterest for home decor and DIY projects.

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Top 10 Funniest Moments Of Sports to Best Moments in Sports History

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