Top Hockey Franchise

by Pete
(L.I., NY)

The top hockey franchise in my opinion is the Montreal Canadians. They won the Stanley cup 5 times in a row which is agreed in the sports world the hardest trophy is win.

Only 2 teams come close to that record. the New York Islanders and the Edmondton Oilers. They both won the Lord Stanley cup 4 times in a row. They had great players great coaches and of course the great Canadian tradition. They felt it was theirs , they should keep it. The coaches knew what buttons to push for maxamum performance.

If that failed they would up the canadian flag and wave and say you are playing for the people of canada, do not let them down. they rarely did. The game has changed, I do not know if free agency is worst thing to happen or not. It is good for the players. The owners have to spend more money on salary.

After a career of sports the body is not what is used to be, go and ask any professional athlete. To know when it is going rain sometimes is not a good thing. To wake in the morning and first thing you reach is asperin is a bad sign.

There are no dynasties any more. The canadians are from yesteryear, growing up watching them win was somthing see. A sight to behold. I remember Ken Dryden leaning on his goalie stick when play stopped. Steve Shutt Rocket Richard John belivau, yvan Counoyer, Guy Lafleur so many great players.

I am an Islander fan but I take my hat off ot the habs, for they are the reason why I like hockey. When we play the canadains I hope we do not beat them too bad ,for they have such a rich history. The Islanders have good history too but I am still a little envious of the team from the north of Long Island.

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