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Jim Brown was the best all time lacrosse player. Yes, the very same Jim Brown who was the famous running back for the Cleveland Browns. In fact, he always said lacrosse was his favorite sport. But few know he was also a great lacrosse player. The best ever, in fact.

Lacrosse is a team sport with its origins in the Native American culture. The rules and regulations are not difficult to understand. It is all about getting the ball into the opponent's goal by using a long stick. This stick is called the Crosse. The sport is similar to Field Hockey; however Lacrosse is not played in as many countries which is why it is not an olympic sport.

Lacrosse is a demanding sport and regular weight training is very important. Agility training is another important aspect as players of lacrosse are constantly moving and are never standing still. To successfully strike a goal you need to detect the "holes" in your opponent team's defense. You need to have a good coordination and endurance. Jim Brown knew the dedication it took, and put forth the effort and commitment to become the best all time lacrosse player.

Like football players, the players of lacrosse need to protect themselves by using helmets and special protective clothes. This is important because the objective of the game is, besides striking the most goals, to prevent the opposite team from striking goals. By using the lacrosse stick and with body contact the players score goals. Lacrosse is very popular in the United Stated and in Canada. Only a few other nations are familiar with the sport. At the World Championship, the national teams from the United Kingdom, Iroquois Nation, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Korea usually take part. Also some other European countries like Germany and the Czech Republic have national teams. Lacrosse is becoming more and more popular throughout Europe, but nevertheless, the best players are definitely found in North America.

Jim Brown is considered to be the top player in the history of the sport of lacrosse. Jim began playing at Manhasset High School in New York where he received All-Star honors for three years. He attended Syracuse University and lettered in four sports while being voted Athlete of the Year in 1956-57. Brown continued to win many honors such as being the Second Team All-American Selection in 1956, receiving First Team Honors in 1957, and landing a 2nd place finish in the nation for scoring. Jim went on to play for the Cleveland Browns, and was in 1971 was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Lacrosse remained his favorite sport throughout. And, in the end, Brown ended up as the top lacrosse player in the history of the sport.

Of course Lacrosse can be dangerous so if you are going to play, make sure to wear the proper lacrosse equipment and protective gear.

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