Best sports conference – big ten

by BigTen

In my opinion Big Ten is the best all around conference in college. Hard hitting defense and pounding the ball with the run game offensively makes us the toughest conference out there.

In a basketball sense you have Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin making it to the big dance. Of course during the NCAA tournament, Michigan State made it to the finals of the tournament.

I agree that the SEC is strong in both categories but maybe I am biased attending a big ten school. The style of play for the big ten in both basketball and football to me is more hard hitting defense minded struggle that I love watching.

Speaking of football, it will be the first sport starting up this fall when students get back to the grind of schoolwork. Michigan and Ohio State are ALWAYS contenders for the national championship. Michigan has been building after a few disappointing years but they seem to be looking good for the 09/10 football season.

When we look at basketball you can look at Michigan state being big contenders again and of course MY Purdue Boilermakers who have matured into a great team. So now I’m going to shamelessly give Purdue some attention on this little article. I can’t wait for the season to start. Our football schedule looks great with just Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan being the only difficult teams on the schedule. I’m excited for the addition of quarterback from Miami. Recruiting is great; we are showing interest in recruiting in the states of Florida and Texas more heavily then ever.

Overall the big ten has some great recruits and season to season they are contenders no matter what team it is. I know some can argue that out of the eleven teams in the big ten only 5 of them are contenders in basketball or football. Which is true compared to other conferences who have more quality teams. But you cannot deny the big ten is a powerhouse, sending championship teams every year into the finals.

So for now I have to leave and say that I enjoy watching big ten type playing probably as much as you love watching SEC football and basketball. I hope for both conferences to do great in the 09/10 season.

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