Peyton Manning is the Best -- Could not agree MORE!

by Sara
(Jacksonville FL USA)

I happen to love the guy and feel lucky to be alive and watching him during his playing years. Like him or not (I know some don't but essentially this has to come down to jealousy as he's a good man, good player, works hard and wants to win and works for his money) - the facts and proof are in all the things that you did and did not list!

I hope Peyton Manning shows up as the #1 NFL player of all time on the NFL Networks list shown each Thursday for the next couple of weeks. It's simply deserved. Super Bowl rings and titles are what the TEAM wins and of course every Florida Gator will have their inept statement, but name one Gator that ever had or will have the professional career that Mr. Manning has had.

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Oct 27, 2010
by: Mo Johnson

Thanks Sara. I also love Peyton Manning. Of course I'm also a big Tennessee Vols fan, so it makes sense. I had the good fortune of seeing Peyton play recently in the Colts-Redskins game. He definitely won the game for the Colts with his command of the field. Not only does he know what each player on his team is doing, but he also knows what each player on the defense is doing. For instance, one time he realized a defensive player was leaving the field slowly in a substitution. So, he had the center hike the ball before the defender could get to the sidelines. Result: penalty on the Redskins, 1st down for the Colts.

Just one example.

The great thing about him is the work ethic. Manning is another example that the great ones become great through hard work. It's the off-season hours he puts in that make the difference over the years. It's what separates him from others. Most all the great ones are like that.

Peyton is concerned in fact that the players union is pushing to limit off-season workouts between team members. Manning wants those workouts. That says it all about him.

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