Phelps Has Surpassed Spitz

by Greg Timmons
(Columbus, GA)

Mark Spitz "was" the greatest Olympic swimmer of all time. In fact, he was the first swimmer to ever win more than 2 gold medals at one olympic games -- that is until he was surpassed by Michael Phelps.

Olympic gold was almost a royal symbol of recognition to an Olympic athlete, but by sweeping 8 Olympic golds he has surpassed the best of the best and has created a model image of himself for dreamy eyed teenagers who aim for the blue. But to get those eight golds he has aimed , he had a lot to endure with 17 races over 8 days and set 7 world records in 8 days.

The world records set by Phelps are about 27 when as compared to the 26 world records set by Mark Spitz and Phelps still has time to beat his own!

When Phelps was 15 he took a try at the 2000 Sydney at the 200 m butterfly and actually ended up in the fifth place.

There is actually a very long list to compile the life long achievements of Phelps (probably will be more considering his age!), just take a look at his world records at the number of 32 which is fast approaching the world record of Mark Spitz who had 33. But, Michael Phelps should pass that soon enough.

Bob bowman at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club gave Phelps his first dream goal chasing whilst he trained to participate at the 2000 Sydney as the youngest competitor in 68 years!

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