Reggie Bush Greatest College Football Running Back

by T. Williams
(Louisville, Kentucky)

When it comes to the best college football players of all time you have to really set back and think about this one cause u cant really compare Barry Sanders to Payton Manning.

But the best running back of all time would have to hands down be Reggie Bush; I mean just look at the kid in college he was averaging 11.5 yards a carry that is crazy for a 19 year old kid. He managed to keep his grades up through college which brought him to a diffrent level not just as one of the best Running backs of all time but a role model for todays kids.

Reggie is extremely active as a volunteer and has given back on more than several accounts. Now dont get me wrong there are running backs out there with a higher yards per carry average or more experience, but when then young man comes to play he brings something that alot of sports player for get now days he bring his heart to the game he doesn't forget where he came from and where he has been.

We all must remember it's harder to climb then to fall and Reggie doesn't forget that. So as far as being one of the greats Reggie Bush -- Way to Go!! Instead of letting your fans down by fight dogs or shooting the club up -- he is at practice or volunteering with young kids.

Oh, and before I forget, Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy in 2005 and led USC to a National Championship in 2004.

Now, in the NFL, he's leading the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl!! Go Reggie Bush!! Best Running Back Ever!

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