Tony Gwynn Best Baseball Hitter Ever

by RT
(Dallas, Texas)

In the view of millions of baseball fans, the best all time Pro Baseball Hitter is Anthony (Tony) Keith Gwynn. After spending two decades of top-knotch performances in baseball statistically Gwynn was the most consistent and best hitter in history of game. He was an amazing "contact" hitter. His induction in the Baseball Hall Of Fame was a way of showing regard to his abilities and skills.

In the early part of his career, Tony Gwynn was noted as a player who checked his swing and always kept looking to improve his hitting. It is rightly said that hard work pays off and his career is an example of this.

Although in early part of his career he was .360 points, there came a lot of improvement in his performance when he used video-recordings to improve his at-bats. He won his first title in 1984 when he hit at a .351 average. This year his team the “Padres” also won the first National League pennant in team history.

In 1994 Gwynn was at the peak of his career.
He batted .394 making him earn the second highest batting average in National League history. The success of Gwynn went on and on and his average became steady. August 6 is a special date in this best all time Pro Baseball Hitter’s life as on this date in 1993 he completed his 2000th hit and in 1999 he got his 3000th hit. At the end of his career his total number of hits was 3,141.

The statistics clearly make him the best ever professional baseball hitter. At the end of his career his batting average came to be .338 which is magnificent by any standards.

In his honor the Padres retired the number 19 shirt. He has also achieved a lot of awards in his career including Roberto Clemento awards, Lou Gehrig memorial award and Branch Rickey award. His induction into the Hall Of Fame was also a record ceremony and was elected on 97.61% votes.

Tony Gwynn has indeed been the kind of hero who has lifted the spirits of millions and inspired the working man to drive himself harder, on and off the ball fields of America. He did it with his charming smile, a well-established sense of fairness, a huge heart, and an incredible work ethic. Seeing the accomplishments and accolades achieved by this legendary player, without any doubt Tony Gwynn is the best pro baseball hitter ever.

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