Yep, Phil is the Best Ever

by JP

With the recent victory of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, Phil Jackson has marked his place as the best NBA coach of all time. No other NBA coach, present or in the past, has accomplished so great a feat. It is quite likely that no coach will ever improve upon such an incomprehensible accomplishment in the future either.

Phil Jackson has proven time and time again that he deserves to be recognized as the most successful coach in the NBA playoffs, leading both playoff winning percentage and victories. As we all know, the playoffs are what “separate the men from the boys.” Throughout his career in Los Angeles, he led the team to four NBA titles, three titles from 1999-2004, and a fourth in 2008-2009. While this team has certainly been fortunate to possess so much of NBA’s top talent, such as Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, he has maximized this talent. He found a way to create chemistry among the stars and build a team around the best. More importantly, he did it with consistency. In a league with financial restrictions and free agencies, maintaining a very competitive team in the NBA takes a little more than a few blows of the whistle.

While coaching the Bulls with Michael Jordan, NBA’s superstar, he led the team to six NBA titles from 1989-1998. Again, his ability to create a team around a leading player and present a highly competitive team year-after-year speaks highly of his coaching ability and knowledge of the game.

Phil Jackson built a reputation of success and the fans demanded it each season. He knew when to step into a team’s coaching position and find appropriate talent to reach the ultimate goal, an NBA championship. He has left a legacy of consistent success in the ever-changing climate of the NBA. Phil Jackson is the greatest NBA coach of all time

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