Yep, Pujols is the Top MLB 1st Baseman In History

by Bo Williams
(Kansas City, MO)

Albert Pujols is the best first baseman of all time. While he has only had 8 full seasons in the league Pujols has set himself apart from his peers. Not only modern hitters but all time first baseman.

Pujols has yet to hit under .300, 30HR, and 100RBI. No one has ever done that in their first 9 seasons. He also has a Gold Glove, 2 MVPs, finished top 5; 7 out of 8 years in the MVP voting, and has made 7 all star teams.

His versatility is displayed by the face he has led the league in 10 DIFFERENT hitting categories since he entered the league. He is one of the more durable players in the league playing at least 143 games every season. His OPS is the 4th highest of all time, trailing only Ruth, Williams, and Gehrig. He has been such a dominating hitter that he actually has a higher career slugging percentage than Barry Bonds.

All in all no one stands up to Pujols career numbers and he still has many productive years to go. Best ever 1st baseman no doubt, maybe even best player...we'll see.

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Jun 06, 2011
Best of All time is Albert Pujols?
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but Lou Gehrig is the best first baseman of all time and I think Pujols still has quite a bit of work left to overtake Gehrig's throne.

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