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Lots of college baseball fans think Skip Bertman is the best college baseball coach in history. If so, then his team, the Louisiana State University Tigers are probably the top college baseball team of all time.

Louisiana State University is situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It has 33,587 enrolled students to date and is classified as a public co-ed university. The University’s baseball team monicker is the Fighting Tiger.

The LSU tigers was founded in 1893. They are representing the University in NCAA Division I college baseball. During the early years, the LSU Tigers had some failures under the leadership of other coaches. In 1927, changes which included a new program were put into place. The stadium was named in 1937 after Alex Box, who died in World War II.

Harry Robenhorst was the longest serving coach for the LSU Tigers. During Robenhorst’s tenure, the LSU Tigers won the SEC Baseball 1939 and 1946 titles and Robenhorst was noted as “SEC Coach of the Year” those same years. Robenhorst, finished his career with a 220-226-3 record.

LSU Tigers pre-game hype.
LSU Tigers pre-game hype. Thanks to Aaron Doster on for the picture.

Like Bertman, after retiring, he was assigned to be the Athletics Director in LSU. During Bertman’s coaching years, he took the team to the College Baseball World Championships 11 times, bringing home 5 championships out of 11. They won the 1991, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 2000 College World Series titles. Bertman retired as Head Coach in 2001 leaving a record of 870-330-3.

Laval, who became the LSU Tigers Head Coach after Bertman, experienced success during his early years with the team. But when the LSU Tigers failed to be in Omaha twice, and after getting the lowest mark ever since 1988, Laval decided to resign.

LSU head coach Paul Manieri talks with his infield.
LSU head coach Paul Manieri talks with his infield during a game against Tennessee at the new Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge. Thanks to davidepoe9418 on for the picture.

Currently, Paul Mainieri is the Head Baseball Coach for LSU Tigers. He is the 25th coach for the team. Some notable baseball players from LSU Tigers Baseball history are Mike Miley, Dan Kite, Gregg Patterson, Ben Mcdonald, Tim Clark, Lyle Mouton, Wes Griham, Todd Walker, Brandon Larson, Brad Cresse, Trey Hodges, and Kurt Ainsworth.

All in all, the LSU Tigers have made 14 appearances in the Conference Championship game with 8 titles under their belt. They also have 24 appearances in NCAA Tournament, and 12 College World Series appearances with 6 titles under them. A great record for a great team!

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