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Hockey is blessed to have many passionate fans. And, this is reflected in the best hockey blogs. There are many top hockey websites, but here's our list of favorite hockey blogs.

This is a New York Times blog that covers hockey. Quality writers from the media powerhouse bring in the latest hockey updates to your finger tips in the form of words, videos and snaps. You can expect the polished.
I would say this is one of the best hockey blogs with thirty well established writers for each segment. It's a treat for the serious hockey fan who wants the inside scoop. The blog also features interesting locker room interviews, biographies from the players and a constant stream of relevant information. In fact, the site had a live webcast of the entire First Round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.
This is a SB Nation community dedicated to the NHL and is managed by Mike Chen! The respected bloggers and writers from SB Nation capture the passion and empower the passionate hockey fans to engage in the NHL forums. The site is striving to be the most sought after destination of NHL hockey followers.
You will experience the ease of quickly checking on everything that is going on in the hockey blogosphere. I tried, and the site seemed really impressive. With less fluff and more facts, this blog features pictorial and video posts and invites you for blog suggestions relevant to college hockey.
This blog is all about University of Denver Pioneers Ice Hockey. The site brings in fun and humor to its blogs and is one among those blog sites on the internet with the most number of followers. The site owner warns other teams' fans with the message "LetsGoDU is offensive and condescending to other teams but in a creative, classy kind of wax", well I kind of agree with that after reading the posts out there.
In fact this is the most widespread NHL Hockey fan website on the internet featuring hockey blogs, forums, schedules, news, tickets, scores, standings, player roster and much more. The blog is a conglomerate of many smaller blogs. It invites NHL enthusiasts to join them and write their own blogs on the network.
This is a team centric blog site of, by and for the fans of Pittsburgh Penguins. This is another community from the SB Nation network. No one could ever match the commitment of SB Nation to serve fans so broadly. I am sure the site will tempt you to visit again and again if you are not allergic to authentic information on the Pittsburgh Penguins team.
If you have been intrigued by the history of hockey and the stars of yesteryears then this is one blog you should not miss out on. The author Joe Pelletier has been a freelance hockey journalist and hockey history blogger for more than a decade. His effort in the form of this blog isto profile the biographies of the famous international stars and I must say he has done a very good job of it. The profiles are well organized depending on the year during which those players were at their best.

This is quite an interesting read for anybody attracted towards the hockey history.
This is one of the most comprehensive Philadelphia Flyers fan website on the internet. The website writes about flyers and consists of blog posts, forums that brim with a lot of insider information. Creating an account in this website is free and gives you access to all the website features including interacting with other fans.
SB Nation proudly presents this Colorado Avalanche fan community, one of the 250 distinct team and sports-centric sites they offer. In fact, this blog is the second hockey blog to join the SB Nation network and the most visited and appreciated blog on Colorado Avalanche. The content is top notch.
Do you support the Toronto Maple Leafs?
If yes, then you will have a good time at this Maple Leafs supporters' website. This blog is one of the many SB Nation blogs that have carved a niche for themselves in the sports blogosphere. The blog features in depth analysis, game recaps, previews, news, podcasts and lot more. You will also find a section dedicated to the history of the team.
Christy Hammonds started when she was force to quit playing due to a knee surgery. Little did she know that her crazy little endeavor of voicing her opinion about the Detroit Red Wings would make a significant mark on the World Wide Web and become one of the major blogs for Red Wings fans all across the globe. This blog is not about the conventional stuff you find in most others around. Rather, doing justice to its name the blog focuses on the inside scoop that most other blogs miss out on.
The latest happenings of the Phoenix Coyotes can be found at, from the Fanball Sports Network. Katlyn Gambill maintains this blog and is responsible for all the good content you find over there.
I am not surprised at bumping into an SB Nation community every now and then. Being the largest sports network featuring more than 250 blogs, this one serves the right choice for Boston Bruins fans. You might even find one of those rare fan gears out there on the Stanley Cup of Chowder store.

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