Best Sports Bloopers

If you love sports! Then you will love our selection of the best sports bloopers. I have had a look at these many times but I still cannot find myself satisfied, I just want to have a look at them once more. Check them out and let me know of your thoughts.

Best Boxing Bloopers:
Boxing is an interesting sport which tests your physical and mental might. However after watching the bloopers video you will find that there is much more that boxing has to offer than that. Just be on the lookout for the second clip. Trust me you will fall off your seat laughing. And somewhere around the sixth or seventh clip it gets even more interesting.

Best American Football Bloopers:
If you love football and are into it big time then I am sure you might have come across a few bloopers real time. In case you want to catch up with a few that you might have missed then have a look at this you tube video. The video contains ten of the best football videos of all times.

Best Soccer Bloopers:
Soccer is the most loved sport worldwide and everybody loves good and entertaining Soccer bloopers, barring the player involved. If you have followed the 2010 world cup then one situation that comes to my mind is where England goal keeper Green was the culprit to let a dolly pass through him to concede a goal. That particular goal cost him his place in the playing eleven. But then there is seldom we can do something about it. I could not find a video of it along with some other good bloopers for you, but that certainly deserves a place in this list of best sports bloopers.

However I have got this video for you in which you will find some cool Soccer bloopers. These are situations when strikers missed out on scoring with nobody between them and the goal post. Check it out at:

Top Hockey Bloopers:
Hockey is big and we know how many followers NHL has. But did you ever find yourself in a situation in between an intense game of hockey where you could not help yourself but laugh. If yes then you will relate to the best sports bloopers at the following video. If not then you will find something incredibly funny in the sport you love so much.

Best Athletics Bloopers:
In this entire list of best sports bloopers I guess the one at the following video would be my personal favorite. It’s fun to see the athlete fall thrice all over and then get up and get going. After you have had the laugh at it, take some time off to think about the big lesson that is there to learn from this particular video. The gentleman in the frame is a true sportsman. He fell not once, not twice but thrice but did have enough courage to pick him up each time and get going towards the finish line. That is a big life lesson; every time you fall there is an opportunity for you to restart and head towards the logical end.

Well, I just didn’t want to get philosophical over there but could not really help it. Now moving onto the next of the best sports blooper we have for you

Best Horse Riding Bloopers:

Horses are a craze and equestrian sports have quite a big following. But then let me tell you that this is quite a challenging sport as you not only have to have faith on your own abilities but you need to understand your horse properly as well. With the element of human animal interaction being very much a part of the sport it is but natural that we blooper hunters will have enough videos to spend time on. Here is one that I liked from you tube:

Hope you found the best sports bloopers listed here interesting. If you know about to a great blooper video that would make it to this page then please free to get in touch with us.

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