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Given the theme of this website and the fun loving and knowledgeable readers it attracts I thought it would be a great idea to come up with an article that highlights some of the best known nicknames in the sports popular among the masses. So here we are, with a list of the best nicknames from across various sports for you.

Best Boxing Nicknames:

Let’s look at some of the greatest and most popular nicknames attributed to the legends of the sport

  • Iron Mike
    If you know Mike Tyson by any means then you will be able to relate to this nickname assigned to him during his hay days. The man is a legend, which is a fact beyond doubt. During the later part of his years he had gone through some trying times but then that does not diminish his thump in the boxing ring during his reign.

  • The Greatest
    No points for guessing who this referred to. You are right! It was the legendary Muhammad Ali. He was a showman par excellence. Be it his prowess in the ring or his ability to trash talk, he was imply the greatest of his times or should I say of all times.

  • Boom Boom
    That quietly speaks of the attitude Ray Mancini had in the ring. He was an all offensive boxer. He didn’t mind taking a blow for a blow. But the ones he landed were mighty given his light weight category. The biggest problem for his opponents was the fact that he was a type of guy who just won’t let you go when you are down rather he would keep punching you till you are completely worn out. A menace for the opponents he right deserves the name

Best Football Nicknames:

Here are a few nicknames from the world of football

  • Sweetness
    The nickname clearly defines the type of character Walter Payton was. He was a legend on the field. He had stealth moves, that combined with his deceptive power and speed caused havoc on the opponents.

  • The Refrigerator
    If you go by the looks then this name seems apt for William Perry. He was big and he was no dumb cookie to deal with. He was proud of his nickname and the fans loved it as well.

  • The Minister of Defence
    The nickname attributed to Reggie White, one of the best defensive players of all time aptly describes the gentleman. He was skilful, fast and sharp in his moves.

Best Baseball Nicknames:

  • Stan the Man
    Stan Musial got this nickname because of his authority on the field. At times it appeared that he was the only man among a pack of boys playing the game.

  • Shoeless Joe
    If there is ever an interesting story behind a nickname then it has to be this; “Shoeless Joe” assigned to Joe Jackson. The man’s love for the game had him play the game without shoe. Just look out for some more information about him and you will discover the passion he had for baseball.

  • Sultan of Swat
    George Herman Ruth got this nickname for the consistency he showed in hitting home runs. He was a great hit in those days and was one of the most popular players.

Top Hockey Nicknames:

  • The Great One
    This is the nickname for the best ambassador of hockey; Wayne Gretzky. His contribution to the sport of hockey is big but even bigger is his contribution to the communities he had been associated with.

  • The Dominator
    Dominik Kasek got this nickname because of his attitude between the posts. He was in absolute control of his game and hence aptly given the name.

  • Super Mario
    Mario Lemieux was laced with super powers or at least that is all one could infer seeing him on the ice. He was one of the finest players hockey has ever seen and thus deserved being called superman, better still super Mario.

Best Basketball Nicknames:

  • Magic
    I guess more people know this popular basketball figure as Magic Johnson rather than Earvin Johnson. He was a wizard on the court and hence had every right to be eligible for a nickname like this.

  • The Microwave
    Some basketball pros like Vinnie Johnson do not need any time to warm up. Six seconds was more than enough for Vinnie to warm up and get on with the game. Therefore the name “The Microwave” is fitting.

  • Air Jordan
    Tell this nickname and everybody will recognize the magician it is referring to; Michael Jordan. If you have seen him in action then you know how appropriate the name is.

Hope you had fun reading this collection of the best sports nicknames. If there is any nickname that stands out for you and you love it above all then please feel free to let us know about it. Who knows it may find a mention right here in this page with your name as the contributor.

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