Best All Time Pro Basketball Arena

The best all time professional basketball arena is none other than the world’s most famous arena Madison Square Garden. This arena is commonly known as "MSG" and at times "The Garden". The diehard fans have again and again rated it best owing to its ambience, crowd loyalty and loudness offered by the architecture.

This arena is located at the hub of midtown Manhattan, down the street from the Empire State Building and Macy's Herald Square. It is not in, or even close to the Madison Square or Madison Garden. It serves as the home court to the NBA's New York Knicks; New York Rangers; as well as many other sport franchises and teams. MSG is also a prime entertainment site, welcoming hundreds of visitors to enjoy one of their many concerts and other performances, every year.

The MSG became one of the most significant venues in college basketball history, owing its charisma well expressed by real estate saying "Location, location, location." And to this date, Madison Square Garden has established itself as one of the most important arenas in basketball.

Madison Square Garden, NYC.
Madison Square Garden, NYC. Thanks to for the picture. Source: laverrue

It would be difficult to find an experienced basketball player or coach (college or pro) who hasn't played in this historic arena. Of course everyone knows that MSG is home to the NY Knicks. But, did you know it also was home to Lou Carnesecca's fabulous St. John's team of the ‘80s, led by Chris Mullin, Walter Berry, Bill Wennington and Mark Jackson (now in a New York Knicks uniform), are a few to mention.

The arena has evolved after four architectural transitions. Also, the MSG’s media coverage and ownership has come to promote the arena as the best ever. One of the America’s renowned journalists mentions the aged building and cannot compete with the architectural and design competence of the newer ones. However, it is established that The Garden, is a basketball haven, referred to fondly as the Mecca of basketball, the exact court where Willis limped on to the court to play Game 7, one of the famous moments in NBA history.

Madison Square Garden.
Madison Square Garden. Thanks to for the picture. Source: deebee

This is one of the oldest NBA and NHL (New York Rangers) arenas in North America, yet maintains an aura and stylishness that is matchless and cannot be replicated by the newer arenas – it is the only place where you are at the hub of the greatest city on the planet. There is nothing grungy or off-putting one can find here - it is surely one of sports' sanctified grounds and a site that transcends from a mere baseball ground to an experience, one that is to be enjoyed over and over again.

Considering the hype, facilities, history, critiques and the aura, we rank Madison Square Garden as the top arena in basketball history.

NBA game in the Madison Square Garden, NYC.
NBA game in the Madison Square Garden, NYC. Thanks to for the picture. Source: PabloBM

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