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The New York Knicks might stink, but their loyal fans are the Best All Time Pro Basketball Fans, Now, this article might be controversial because there are several great National Basketball Association (NBA) franchises that have great fans. The Boston Celtics and LA Laker fans are prime examples. The problem with picking those fans though is that it’s relatively easy to root for a winning team. And those teams mostly win all the time. The real test of fanhood is whether you root for your team when it’s down; when it’s losing most of its games.

Once you narrow the focus down to fans of those sorts of teams, then the fans of the Knickerbockers stand out. There just isn’t any other bad or mediocre franchise with a group of fans that shows the same passion and dedication to its home team, the way native New Yorkers show the Knicks. Over the last 5 years, the incompetent team with statistics, like a meager 0.368 % winning percentage and 1 playoff appearance -- has played to a nearly 100% capacity!

Despite all the failures at games, politics and scandals, the fans keep coming. The series of incidents like the much- esteemed coach, Larry Brown being hired and then his services terminated within a period of twelve months; star guard Stephan Marbury’s feud’s with the coaches; and the awkward sexual harassment debacle that ensnared Knicks President Isaiah Thomas had been very dejecting for Knicks fans. But, that doesn’t hamper the passion of the fans, and year after year, come what may, the Knicks have ticket renewal rates of 90%! And, believe me, the ticket prices are high as well!!

Rockets v Knicks.
Rockets v Knicks Madison Square Garden. Thanks to for the picture. Source: the_junes

So, who’s in line after the Knicks as having the top pro b-ball fans. We’d have to go to the West Coast. No, not Lakers fans; rather it’s their weaker arena buddies, the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have long been rejected by the country as a useless franchise. But their local fans should be given credit, for the Clippers have played to 90% capacity over the past five years, despite averaging a trivial 35 wins a year while trying to compete against the great Lakers.

Special mention goes to the Dallas Mavericks, a once lackluster team that got itself to the top brass of the NBA by owner Mark Cuban. For a winning team to lower ticket prices in the upper bowl of American Airlines Center, which the Mavericks recently did, will go a long way toward establishing goodwill between fans and the franchise itself when a down cycle or a period of lean winnings comes along. So, congrats to Mark Cuban – and Mavs fans, we hope you will reciprocate.

Knicks Game.
Knicks Game. Thanks to for the picture. Source: p_a_h

So, there you have it, the Best All Time Pro Basketball Fans are first the New York Knicks; then the LA Clippers; finally, the fans of the Dallas Mavs – who are great fans now and will surely have a chance to prove how great they really are when the Mavericks have a down cycle.

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