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It’s not hard to list the top five or ten best all-time professional football franchises. Just off the top of my head you’d include Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Dallas; maybe San Fran, New England, Denver,Washington. You get the idea. That’s not so tough. But, picking only one of them as the best franchise in history – that’s tough!

What is the criterion to be considered the best pro football franchise? Obviously, the franchise has to have multiple Super Bowl Victories. Certainly, having had a number of superstar players through the years is important. Of course, since we are talking about a franchise – being financially successful is part of the equation. Then you have to look at how well known the team is, after all, a virtually unknown team cannot be the best pro football franchise. What about a basic win/loss ratio? That certainly has to be part of the criteria.

We also insist that the franchise not just have had one outstanding period (like Joe Gibbs’ Redskins). No, the greatest pro football franchise should have won Superbowls in different eras; preferably under different coaches, quarterbacks, etc.

With the above criteria in mind, two NFL franchises stand out: The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. We pick the Cowboys as the best professional football franchise in history. By the way, before the 2008 season ESPN ranked Dallas #1; Pittsburgh #2 in their all-time rankings. [Of course, that didn’t take into account Pittsburgh’s 2009 Super Bowl victory.]

The Dallas Cowboys Fans.
The Dallas Cowboys Fans. Thanks to for the picture. Source: sidurkin

The silver and blue cowboys have been to the Super Bowl more than any other team. On eight occasions they made it through the playoff games to the actual grand finale of the Super Bowl; out of those eight trips the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl 5 times, with 2 Super Bowl victories in the 70’s under Tom Landry and Roger Staubach and 3 of them in the 90’s under Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Troy Aikman as QB -- making them the team of the decade.

There are many memorable moments in Cowboys history such as when the Cowboys beat Packers in 1995 NFC Title Game in January 1996; Emmitt Smith breaking the rushing record in October 2002; and when the boys stomped the 49’ers in the ‘93 NFC Title game -- to just name a few of the many amazing moments.

But, the big thing about the Cowboy’s franchise is not just on the field, but also the glitz and glamour off the field that have made them known as “America’s Team.” Remember “Neon” Deion Sanders? Owner Jerry Jones? Of course the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the most well known of any cheerleaders in the world. The ads and endorsements, posters, wall hangings, novelty jerseys, bumper stickers, and even life size lawn decorations featuring the most well known sports logo in history.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performed.
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performed a high-energy musical and dance performance at Yongsan's Collier Field House Dec. 27. More than 300 Soliders, civilians and Family members gathered to watch the show. Thanks to for the picture. Source: UNC - CFC - USFK

Not only that but thousands upon thousands of die hard Dallas Cowboys fans all over the world, and a brand new [billion dollar plus] stadium with an open top (so God can watch his favorite football team play) called Cowboys stadium that is opening this year.

The Dallas Cowboys franchise has it all, and is going for more. When you add all of this up then the Dallas Cowboys are without a doubt amazing, from their early beginnings as the Dallas Steers; through being the Dallas Rangers; and finally and forever, the Dallas Cowboys, they are clearly the best all-time professional football franchise.

Would you pick the Pittsburgh Steelers? If so, you'll like Top All-Time Pro Football Franchise. Or, just give us your opinion below.

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