Worst All Time Football Game: Bears 73; Redskins 0

Many, many games could qualify as the worst all-time football game.  But, to me one stands out. It's the 1940 National Football League (NFL) Championship game between the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears. The Bears demolished the Skins 73-0 in that game. That's right 73 -0 -- not a typo. That's the biggest margin of victory in any NFL game in history. As a Redskins fan, this is easily the worst football game ever for me. But, really, it was a terrible game no matter who you are a fan of.

On that dreadful day, December 8, 1940, the Bears and Redskins matched up in a Championship game.  The rivalry was huge that year due to the Redskins owner and the rivalry between him and the Bears coach George Halas.  Redskin’s owner, George Marshall, 3 weeks prior to the Championship game publically referred to the Chicago Bears as a bunch of crybabies and quitters over a game where the Redskins took the Bears at 7 to 3.  The Bears had called interference on several plays, saying that there was bad calls made which led to Marshall’s comment.  It was bad enough that Marshall and Halas already had a longstanding rivalry way before the NFL when they were both owners of NBA teams, and then to top it off with snide comments just made the Bears blood boil! 

George Halas (right) in the early 1980s.
Pete Rozelle (left) and George Halas (right) in the early 1980s.
Thanks to Jim Summaria on wikipedia.org for the picture.

Well, Championship day came and the Bears were out for blood, no bars held and there only intent was taking the Redskins down and making them hold their heads in shame.  Well, hang their heads is just what they did after the Bears stomped them all over the field walking away with a 73 to 0 win definitely winning the title for worst all time football game for the Redskins.  It was the Skins' "Hall of Shame" game. Seriously, how the heck does that happen?  Seventy-Three to ZERO?  Were the Redskins asleep on the field or what?

The really amazing thing is this wasn't some early-season mismatch. Both of these teams had had great seasons and were in the Championship game. So, presumably these were the best two teams in 1940 professional football. Both had great players, coaches, fans, etc. So, how do you end up with a 73-0 blowout?

Washington Redskins Team.
Redskins Cartwright(31), McIntosh(52), Sellers(45), and Taylor (21).
Thanks to littlerottenrobin on flickr.com for the picture.

The game took place even on the Redskins home turf!  Can you imagine the shame they felt being stomped into the turf at home?  As each quarter inched by, the Redskins had to be feeling the home crowd’s disappointment.  You would think for the sake of the fans, even if they had to pull a fast one on a Bears player, take out a lead player, they would have scored at least one touchdown, but no – they didn’t stand a chance against the vengeful Bears.  You know the saying, never mess with a bear cub or you will have to deal with its mother?  Well in this situation, it looks like Marshall should have never messed with Halas because the Bear cubs were definitely defending their leader. 

Now if this isn’t the worst all time football game I don’t know what is.  What do you think?

What do you think?

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