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You know what, picking the worst all time sports play is a little tough.  Why you ask?  Well because if you think about it, sports are pretty much a team effort.  With that being said, if a bad play goes down is it really just the fault of a single player?  Now if you are talking about wrestling, boxing or maybe Tennis, sports that are a one on one situation it would be easier to choose a worst all time sports play.  Nevertheless, I have never been one to take the easy route out, therefore I have attempted to choose the worst all time sports play from a pro “team” bearing more then the one on one scenario.  With that, I have to choose the Detroit Lion’s quarterback, Dan Orlovsky for committing the most boneheaded play in the history of sports.

Orlovsky pulled this famous, no infamous, play off when he appeared to lose all his senses on the field in a game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 12, 2008.  Okay, picture this, Dan is on the field for his first showdown as starter since joining the Vikings and his first impression matters if he wants t build a good fan base and gain the confidence of his teammates.  All eyes are on the quarterback.  Prior to this particular game, Orlovsky played second string or sat on the sidelines.

Okay, imagine a group of 5-year-old kids playing soccer.  The ball is in play and you see the little tikes working the ball down the field only to be going in the wrong direction.  Well, this is basically what Orlovsky did when he lost track of where he was at (how is beyond me) and ran out of the end zone early in the very first quarter of the game (talk about being in the moment) giving him a self inflicted safety.  Oh yeah, Orlovsky felt like an idiot and I am sure he received tons of flack from his team mates as well as became the pun of opposing teams locker room jokes.  Now granted, he was in a bit of shock and amazement at his huge blunder when the ref started blowing their whistle.  He stated later after the game he had said to himself at that very moment “You’re an idiot.”  Okay, well who am I to argue with the man?  Orlovsky had to realize at that moment that he would be remembered for this as the worst sports play ever.

The Lions back-up quarterback Dan Orlovsky.
The Lions back-up quarterback Dan Orlovsky finds the receiver Kevin Kasper for a pretty nice gain. Thanks to DonkerDink on flickr.com for the picture.

Lions lost that game to the Minnesota Vikings, but surprisingly not by as huge as a spread as some may have thought at the onset of the game.  The final score was 12 to 10.  Orlovsky managed to complete 12 out of 21 passes for 150 yards with actually one touchdown with no turnovers. 

Orlovsky finished out the season with the Detroit Lions but announced near the end that he intended on exploring the free agent market rather then stay on with the lions as a backup quarterback.  He later signed on with the Houston Texas for a 3-year contract as a backup quarter back competing with Rex Grossman.  Let’s just hope that when he gets up to the field with his new team he makes sure he is in the moment and doesn’t try to outdo his current record worst NFL play; no worst sports play ever.

Dan Orlovsky before the game.
Dan Orlovsky before the game. Final Score: Oakland Raiders 6, Houston Texans 29.
Thanks to Brit_2 on flickr.com for the picture.

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