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Rowing uses the entire body. It may look like just arms, but the real power comes from the legs. Ever since Harvard and Yale raced in 1852, people have been working to become rowing athletes with great physical conditioning. The USRowing National Rowing Team is the best all time rowing team.

Today’s boats are very light. The single scull weighs about 30 pounds. The largest boat is the eight at a little over 200 pounds. They most often are made of honeycombed carbon fiber. These are the best for racing. There are two kinds of boats. In one, the rowers have two oars. That is called a scull. In the other, the athlete uses two hands on one oar and that is called a shell.

Did you know there is no one yelling “stroke”? The coxswain is there to give strategy like a coach. The stroke of the oar is like a carefully choreographed movement. There are four parts to each stroke and they must be done exactly and in tandem with the other crewmembers. It can be beautiful to watch as a spectator.

If you happen to get the chance to watch a competition, you’ll know the US team apart from the other competitors by the color on their oars. The US oars are red on the top and blue on the bottom. A white triangle is located at the tip. That’s how you’ll recognize the top rowing team in the sport. This may be the team that will represent our country at international competitions.

USRowing National Rowing Team.
USRowing National Rowing Team. Thanks to dchurbuck on for the picture.

All events are 2,000 meters which is about 1.25 miles. The boats travel in lanes and even after the finish line is crossed they will begin to cool down while rowing for a few more minutes. The races are extremely strenuous and it has been said that rowing the 2,000 meters is like playing two basketball games one after the other.

In 1892 an international organization was formed to govern the sport of rowing around the world. This body is called the Federation Internationale des Societes d’Aviron.

The teamwork of the U.S. National Rowing Team makes it the best all time rowing team. It is very much a team sport where each person must work with the others to get the fastest speed. If you’re watching the sport, you’ll know who is best by which team is making it look the easiest. It requires endurance and strength and the will to persevere.

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